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Pole Dancing Fitness for kids?? October 18, 2007

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Yikes!  I read this article by Mike Howard  at Diet Blog:

Pole dancing fitness has carved out a niche for itself in the past few years – becoming one of the hottest fitness trends. Recently, instructors have been offering classes to children as young as 11. To be fair, those offering classes vehemently maintain that there are no “adult moves” taught, and that there is no actual “pole dancing” involved. Still, many are outraged by the concept.

Here are some points to ponder;

  1. Pole “work” is inextricably linked to exotic dancing. It would be difficult to break this stigma.
  2. With young girls already being perpetually fed messages about “being” and “acting” sexually, would these types of classes perpetuate that message?
  3. If the class were called “fitness with a vertical bar” would people still be outraged?
  4. Is pole fitness a unique way for children to bolster their strength, flexibility and coordination, or is it simply an industry trying to broaden their marked by capitalizing on a hot concept?

Having never seen or participated in a class (Do you think I’d admit it if I had?) I can’t comment on its level of age-appropriateness. My instinct is that these classes would offer absolutely no benefit that other more conventional activities and sports would not.

My opinion: Put your children into sports or activities like rock climbing or gymnastics. Take them to the park and climb the monkey bars with them.



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