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PAC- 1st week October 18, 2007

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We wentto the PAC program for 2nd meeting.  “A”  had  done wonderfully journaling  her foods, exercise, and screen time. She wrote about her goals for the week, and if she met them (She did, most of them!)  She seemed most motivated, however, by discovering that she had lost almost 4 pounds. (In 3 weeks). I was VERY happy to hear her PAC counselor tell her that the weight loss wasn’t as important as becoming healthy, reminding her that exercising more can cause muscle growth, which weighs more than the fat lost. I told her to concentrate more on whether or not she felt better, on how her clothes fit, etc, rather than what the scale said. I also took the scale out of the bathroom so that she won’t want to check her weight often.

We did a 4 mile walk as a family on Sunday to raise money for Cropwalk with our church. I was so proud of her to walk the whole way!  Last year, she couldn’t make it halfway.  We are planning on taking long walks every Sunday as a family from now on!

This weeks PAC homework is the food pyramid. We have a chart to fill out on what we eat each day. She seems to be motivated by the whole program.  I’ll scan in a chart later, so you can see what it is like, but it forces us to be sure we get the right foods, and it also emphasises portion size.  A great lesson to learn.



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