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45 Pounds October 7, 2007

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We tried, we really did.  We tried the kids diet plan, 45 Pounds.  It wasn’t the plan for us.

It is very restrictive. You had to follow it so closely it,  left no room for an occasional treat, or even a unintentional slip up. It seems to me that a weight loss plan for kids has to have a  built in a little wiggle room.

I want my daughter to learn about a healthy lifestyle, including a life of healthy snacking, than be so restrictive that an occasional cookie or ice cream would completely screw up her diet.  I’m glad it worked for the writers daughter, but its not the plan for us.

On a funnier note: we went on a 45 minute bike ride yesterday. I haven’t ridden a bike in 20 years.  My butt is SORE.  “nuff said.

Tomorrow we meet Ally’s PAC coach for the first time with her. She is so excited!  Then, we are going apple picking. It looks like a fun day! 



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