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Great Article- Don’t Tease Kids About Weight October 5, 2007

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I found this on Babble   .

Weekly Check-Up: Don’t Tease Kids About Weight

Posted by Kelly Mills

 Here’s a disturbing finding: “In a five-year study of more than 2,500 teenagers, researchers found that 44 percent of girls and 29 percent of boys were overweight, habitual binge-eaters or had taken unhealthy measures to lose weight — such as abusing laxatives, using diet pills or vomiting.” Yikes. That is alot of teenagers doing possible longterm damage to their bodies. But before we make the lollipop-headed models in magazines carry all the blame on their frail little shoulders, what factors increased the risk of girls doing the purge or being overweight or trying the liquid-cleanse diet?

Let’s put it this way: “Better lay off the ice cream, kiddo, because you are growing a twin.” Yep, teasing by a family member raised the prevalence of going extreme with the weight loss attempts by 41 percent. And girls who reported teasing at the beginning of the study were twice as likely to be overweight five years later. And having a mother who dieted was also cited as a risk factor.

If you ever needed a reason to not tease your kid about weight, there it is. And I’ll go a step farther and say don’t let anyone–not your brother or your mom or your cousins or whoever–give your child a hard time about weight. In fact, if this goes on in your family I’d have a ready retort or game plan, because no kid deserves that kind of crap, and frankly, “It was just a joke” shouldn’t be an excuse for cruelty. And once again, the best way to help kids with a healthy body image is to lead by example.

One last finding: “Weight-related problems were less common among girls who said they frequently sat down to meals with their families, and that family meals were a positive, enjoyable experience.” And what a great opportunity to show kids that food is not the enemy



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